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Are you ready for the opening of the seasons?

Are you ready for the opening of the hunting seasons? Here in Pennsylvania small game is opening and the big game season is right behind it.  Bill and I would like to think that everyone is already ready and has all their supplies together and they are ready to go have a safe and successful hunting season.  For those that are not ready we have a few things lined up to help you.  You will find almost any firearm you need on our site from any of hundreds of manufactures. Along with ammunition, sighting in products and supplies, to cleaning and storage for your beloved firearm.  I am going to make an offer for all of our rifle hunters out there;    10% discount on all in stock rifle ammunition.  COUPON CODE:  HUNTPA Orders must be p...  Read More

Emergency Services Discount

C&C Armory, LLC is committed to providing the best service to help our customers in whatever way we can. The Emergency Services Discount was created to take some of the financial burden off of the men and woman who work in public service. As C&C Armory, LLC's way of saying 'Thank You', we proudly provide you with the following benefits: Discount on purchases and services   Eligibility: C&C Armory, LLC defines Emergency Response Personnel as those whom are currently (or within the last two years) employed, or volunteering, in the areas of law enforcement, emergency medical services, members of the US Armed Forces, fire safety and/or rescue work. For a full list of eligibility requirements and positions, please contact...  Read More